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By Godfrey Olukya  20-10-2012

The African Union commission chairperson Dr. Dlamini Zuma has said that AU , Mali and west African countries organization ECOWAS, are to work closely together to solve problems in Mali.

During an interview, Zuma said, ‘There is need of working together. The African Union wants to work with Mali, with the UN and with ECOWAS, so that we can all come to some consensus about the way forward.’

She explained that the AU would like to accompany Mali as it tries to regain its territorial integrity, when it goes to national elections and when it is trying to make sure that there is development in the post conflict period.

‘We want a united Mali. We want Mali to go back to its original democratic, united and developing country status’, said Dr. Zuma.

She said that Mali is a great country with a great history and great heritage, but the crisis has the potential of dividing her. She added that the African Union does not want to see a divided Mali.

She also arrayed fear that the crisis in Mali has the potential of spreading to the rest of the region or even beyond the region and so it is a very important issue for the AU, for the continent and for peace in the world.

Mali early this year experienced chaos which resulted into militants in the north taking control of that part of the country.



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