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By Godfrey Olukya 3-10-2012

Police in Kenya has today shot dead five armed thugs who had just robbed from a shop.

The shooting of the thugs took lace at a shop near Lenana School on Ngong road in the center of the city. Students and teachers scampered into hiding as gunfire rocked the place.

An eye witness, Nelson Odhiambo said,’ I was not far from the mobile phone shop where the thugs robbed money. They put the shop attendant at gun point and robbed the money.’

Odhiambo said that before they could get far, police encountered them and they exchanged gun fire. Police overpowered them and killed them.

Nairobi police boss Moses Ombati confirmed the killing of the suspected robbers. He said they shot first at the police and police also responded.

Ombati said,’ A group of thugs raided a shop at Ngando Centre and stole 50,000 Kenya shillings (equivalent of about 500 US dollars) We killed five robbers and retrieved the money. We also recovered a pistol.’

He said police is very alert and will deal with whoever tries to cause chaos in the city and other parts of the country.

People in Nairobi have hailed the police for killing the robbers. One of the local businessmen in Nairobi, Omar Odwori said,’ It is good that the police has started killing the robbers. When they are arrested and taken to police or courts of law, they stay there for a short period and come back to start from where they stopped.’

Day time armed robberies are common in Kenya although police is trying to eliminate the robbers.



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