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Godfrey Olukya 26-9-2012

The death of the rebel credited to having captured former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi has brought tension in some parts of Libya.

Omran Ben Shaaban, 22, from Misarata town became famous in Libya for
capturing Gaddafi. But in July this year, he was abducted and tortured in a rival town of Ban Walid by people suspected to be royal to late Gaddafi.

According to his relatives, after staying in captivity for some time in Ban Walid town, he attempted to escape but was shot at in the neck and re-arrested. After being in captivity for over one month and a half he was freed but while in great pain due to bullets wounds.

‘He was freed while on verge of death.’ said a relative, Abdul Salif.’ Our Government provided funds and he was taken to France for treatment. President Mohammed Megaryef was of great help to us. Unfortunately Shaaban died in France while under treatment in hospital and his body was flown in yesterday.’

The two towns of Misarata and Bani Walid are now in tension. There are fears that residents of Misarata will attack Bani Walid in revenge of the killing of the man who captured Gaddafi.

The government has instructed ministries of defence and internal affairs to find those who kidnapped and killed Shaaban.



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