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By Godfrey Olukya 25-9-2012

The Sudanese government has denied supplying weapons rebels fighting against the government of south Sudan.

South Sudan, which got her independence from Sudan last year has been accusing Sudan of supplying arms to rebels who in turn attack her forces and civilians.

Sudanese army spokesperson, Al-Sawarmi Khalid said,’It is not true that we are supplying weapons to rebels in south Sudan. We have no relation to any rebel group in South Sudan We are not giving any military support to rebels in south Sudan.’

David Yau Yau militias, fighting the South Sudan government in Jonglei State are among the rebels who reportedly get weapons from Sudanese army. They have cause a lot of havoc in villages where they kill innocent civilians.

South Sudan army spokesperson Col. Phillip Aguer on Sunday said,’ We have evidence showing that last Friday and Saturday Sudanese Armed Forces air-dropped eight packages of weapons to rebels loyal to renegade soldier David Yau Yau in Likuangole area.’

He said that some officials of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) saw the airdrops taking place.

UNMISS spokesperson Kouider Zerrouk, informed journalists that the UN troops saw a white fixed wing aircraft about 3 Km west of Likuangole dropping items but could not confirm the contents or who made the drop.



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