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By Godfrey Olukya 25-9-2012

Uganda’s president has decried the high level of corruption in the country saying it deters development.

He said that he has embarked on fighting the vice and called on Ugandans to join him in the struggle.

While addressing journalists at his country home of Rwakitura, 350 kms west of Kampala, last evening, Museveni said, ‘Corruption continues to be a major challenge. The public service has been worst hit with the vice which has affected service delivery.’

Recent research carried out by independent anti-corruption organizations revealed that Uganda is the most corrupt country in the east African community. The community comprises of Uganda. Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Uganda’s police and the judiciary were found to be the most corrupt institutions in the country. Many Ugandans have reportedly lost hope in police and that is why incidents of mob justice are on the rise.

At least 2 people are lynched every day in Uganda by angry mobs which prefer punishing suspected wrong elements rather than taking them to police where they can easily bribe and be set free. Those mostly killed are suspected thieves. At times innocent people are killed on mere suspicion.

Museveni however said that the fight against corruption is on the right track and progress has been made with key institutions like the Uganda revenue authority and the army.

But the opposition and a good number of Ugandans do not believe in Museveni and his government being with capacity to fight corruption. They say that Museveni and his government condone corrupt officers.

The leader of opposition, Nandala Mafabi said,’ The government can not effectively fight against corruption because most of those involved in it are either government officials or people connected to the government.’

A businessman, Philip Onyango said,’ We are tired of the corruption in the country. Museveni can no longer fight corruption because he is tired after being in power for over 25 years. We need another president who can fight against corruption.



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