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By Godfrey Olukya 24-9-2012

Christians in Nigeria have appealed to government to improve on security at churches in the country in order to stop suicide bombers from killing them.

This follows an incident yesterday were a suicide bomber attempted to drive an explosives- loaded vehicle into a church . The explosives went of as he tried to force his way in, killing three people and wounding over thirty.

Authorities in Nigeria said the suicide bomber killed a woman and a child. Those who sustained injuries are admitted in various hospitals.

According to Nigeria’s police, the attack took place at St.  John’s Catholic Church in the northern city of Bauchi. Police suspects the attack was carried out by the radical Islamist group called Boko Haram.

Police officer, Dan Ekueme said,’ As Christians humbly lined up to be screened outside the church, the suicide bomber attempted to ram his vehicle into the building where already there were some believers who had entered. The explosives went off as he tried to force his vehicle over a barrier.’

He said that the dead have been identified as a woman, a child and the bomber himself.

Boko Haram are accused of killing over 1300 people in Nigeria since 2010, the most deadly of their attack being in Kano early this year where over 180 people were killed during their bombings and gun shootings.



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