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By Godfrey Olukya 21-9-2012

Malawi’s deputy Minister of Health Halima Daudi survived being lynched by an angry mob.

She was yesterday whisked away to safety at Mponela in Dowa district as people there hurled stones at her and other ministry of health

The people were angry because of ministry of health’s decision to transfer a few hospital beds from Mponela rural hospital to Mzimba.13 beds were to be transferred from the Mponela hospital.

One person was was injured during the protests and rushed to hospital during violent protests as angry Mponela residents pelted stones at government vehicles.

Mponela police officer, Richard Mlozi said,’Protests started immediately the minister with some members of parliament and health
officials toured the hospital where the beds were supposed to be removed. Angry people started throwing stones at them. The minister
had to change cars in an effort to run away from the mob.’ Mlozi said after the minister had escaped, the residents started chanting songs outside the hospital calling government officials thieves for relocating the hospital’s beds.

The issue of beds had reportedly started earlier at Parliament in Lilongwe when members of the Women Caucus grilled Daudi over the
transfer of 13 beds.

A member of parliament, Cecilia Chazama said,’Female MPs were shocked and angered by the beds issue and despite Daudi’s explanation during the meeting, the group resolved to march in protest against Health Ministry.’

Police is investigating allegations that some members of parliament incited residents of Mponela to throw stones at the minister.



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