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By Godfrey Olukya 20-9-2012

Sudan’s renown Islamist and opposition leader, Hassan Al-Turabi, has expressed strong disapproval of the protests that have been taking place in several countries against the film demeaning Mohamed.

Hassan Al-Turabi, who leads opposition party called Popular Congress Party (PCP) said during an interview that he is ashamed of the
demonstrators describing them as being not serious and ignorant.

He said that the protestors are ignorant laymen who overlooked their oppressive rulers at home and instead attack embassies of countries where some individuals far away abuse their religion.

He gave an example of the Sudan ruling party, National Congress Party (NCP) which recently endorsed the use of external interest loans despite the fact that Islamic theology strictly prohibits them. He wondered why those interested in protesting do not protest against that.

‘ My shame over the protests stems from the randomness that characterized them. Why should one protesting against the film target
the German, USA and British embassies?’. he said.

The anti-Islam film, entitled “Innocence of Muslims” led to protests in several countries in middle east and Africa where some USA embassies were attacked. In Libya the USA ambassador there and three other embassy workers were killed by the protestors.

He has advised Muslims to stop the protests and instead also make films that promote Islam.

However, some pro-protests clerics in Sudan have attacked him for sympathizing with Americans and their allies. One of  them, Abubaker Salim said ‘He should not attack us for showing our annoyance against those who abuse our religion.’



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