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By Godfrey Olukya 17-9-2012

After hundreds of Muslim demonstrators against anti-Islam film storming into a Cathedral in Niger’s second city of Zinder, several
Christian leaders in that country are being held in protective custody.

The attack on the Cathedral was carried out on Friday by Muslims who had just finished their prayers. Apart from destroying church
property, they reportedly set fire on US and British flags.

A security officer in Niger, Zubaili Akim said,’ We are holding the Christian leaders for their own safety. Once the situation improves, we will release them.’

He said that two policemen were wounded in clashes that erupted during the protests.

He said,’ Two policeman were seriously injured when they tried to stop the demonstrators from attacking the Cathedral. Police has so far arrested 12 people suspected to be the ring leaders of the demonstrators.’

Although the Islamic Council of Niger, the highest religious body in the mainly Muslim state, condemned the US-made film that has triggered protests in many countries, it has disassociated from attacks on Churches and urged Muslims to stop the act.

Police has been deployed heavily at churches in the country to prevent further attacks.



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