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By Godfrey Olukya 14-9-2012

There has been increasing protests in African states over a film made in the United States believed by Muslims to have depicted Islam in bad faith.

According to Egypt’s ministry of health, 224 people were injured yesterday in protests related to the bad film. Police there clashed with protestors who wanted to attack US embassy.

Similar protests have also been reported in Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco and Nigeria.

A protestor in Sudan,Kassim Azan said,’We have been told that the film of the Americans depict our prophet Muhammad as a killer, womanizer and leader of a people who enjoy killing. We can not allow such to continue.’

In Kenya’s city of Mombasa, a group of Muslims prayed against those who made the film. One of them, Salim Mbugwe said,’ We can not protest because of what recently happened here when one of us was killed. We have however prayed to Allah to punish all those who were involved in making the film that abuses our religion.’

The assassination of a Muslim cleric in Mombasa recently led to protest which claimed over 20 lives including 6 policemen.

The worst happened on Tuesday in Libya where the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens and three other people were brutally killed in Benghazi.

The Libyan government has condemned the killing. The country’s new prime minister Mustafa Abu Shagur has promised to carry out investigations about the killing of the US ambassador and embassy staff. He said that some arrests have already been made.

Reports from across Africa indicate that security at all US embassies have been stepped up.

U.S.secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned the film saying it was not only disgusting but also reprehensible.



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