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By Godfrey Olukya 13-9-2012

USA has started evacuating her diplomatic staff from Libya.

This follows a Tuesday militants attack on USA diplomacy offices based in Benghazi in which four of her diplomatic staff including the ambassador were killed. The militants reportedly were protesting a film shown recently in USA demeaning their religion.

Benghazi elder, Hussein Sadiq said, ‘ USA is evacuating its diplomatic staff from Libya because of the recent attack on them by protesters. I have been informed that they are being flown to Germany.’

He said that those who were wounded were first flown to Tripoli together with the bodies of those killed. It is from there that they were flown out of Libya.

According to a US official, the wounded will first be treated in Germany before being flown home. He said that arrangements to fly home the dead bodies of the US officials killed by the militants are being made.

He said that a very small number of diplomatic staff will be maintained at US embassy in Tripoli as they wait for the situation to improve and then return their staff.

In a related development, last night all USA diplomatic posts around the world were ordered to review their security posture and to take all necessary steps to enhance it.



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