Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Salaams and Greetings of Peace:

My name is Theodora Ranelli and I’d like to introduce myself as the new Social Service Coordinator at Adopt-A-Friend.  I wish you a blessed and fulfilling rest of the month of Ramadan and joyous Eid. I am excited to work with such a wonderful community.  You might see me wandering around getting to know the neighborhood.

Sheikh Moussa Drammeh, family and friends at the Al Iman Community, headquarters of the Adopt-A-Friend program

I have been in New York since last September, commuting down to NYC from the HudsonValleyand landing in the Bronx in June.  My father is Italian and his relatives were fisherman and boot-makers. Most of his relatives live in Connecticut.  My mother’s family is a mix of European countries and her parents grew up on dairy farms in Wisconsin.  Through my parents and extended family, I have learned the importance of God, humility, and staying connected.  I have been Muslim, in a sense, my entire life, but embraced the practice several years ago.

As you know, Adopt-A-Friend serves the Muslim community in many capacities. Adopt-A-Friend believes holistic mental health and human service work should include religiously competent care.  Some of the programs we offer include counseling services, spiritual conversations, mentorship, foster care/adoption, immigration, gender consultation, re-entry, referrals through Faith and Cultural Wellness therapy programs as well as other programs — and the list goes on!

I would love to come and make your community aware of our services.  We are a passionate team of individuals dedicated to making a change in our community.  If someone wants to make an appointment at Adopt-A-Friend or learn more about services offered, please call 718-239-5555. Thanks.


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