Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Dhaka: According to the recent report of UNICEF, “the death and rape rate in year 2017 was exclusively very high, and the state government hasn’t any concrete solution to child abduction,  even through at the beginning of New Year, the rate of these unfortunate incidents surprisingly goes high as compare to other Asian states.”

Reports stated that in January 2018, more than 49 children were sexually assaulted and 28 were killed by the beasts disguised in human’s skin.

The innocent creature tangled delaying justice and a culture of indemnity encouraged an illegal sin.

The annual report of year 2017 in Bangladesh noted nearly 538 abduction cases and 693 raped cases and more than 1059 were murdered were found in newspaper.

Every Monday a journal published in Dhaka analysed that up by 28 percent and 33 pictures of such cases.

According to the State of child rights in Bangladesh 2017 showed that child abuse and child rights violation rose by 7.13pc in 2017 compared to the previous year.

The reports further added, “The number of children killed by parents decreased along with corporal punishment in schools and lynching of children on allegations of theft.”

“A network of 269 non-governmental organisations working nationally to ensure child rights, expressed concern in their report about a special provision in the Child Marriage Restraint Act 2016. The provision allows marriage of children of any age under some circumstances” it explained.

Despite of that early marriages rate also rose to an increase in child marriage that created an environment for sexual abuse and even murder of children.

Furthermore, the government allocated the budget allocation for 13 ministries that deal with children’s related issues, including other things, by Tk100 billion to Tk560bn for the current fiscal year but this can only help improve the situation if the money was well spent.














Reporter: Syda Faiza Bukhari


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