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Muse Bixi Abdi, the elected President of Somaliland has, on Wednesday 13th of December 2017, been sworn in as President of Somaliland, the internationally unrecognized state.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Crown Hotel, Somaliland, and honored by the presence of several delegations from different states in and out of Africa.

Delegations from UN, Uganda, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sweden, Netherlands, EU, UK and US among others, all attended the ceremony to witness and honor the President’s swearing in.

His Vice President, Abdirahman Saylici also swore together with the President.

The outgoing president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo also attended in person, and peacefully handed over power to the new President.

In his inaugural speech, President Muse Bixi promised to work on Somaliland’s international recognition, because the country has all it takes for a state to be recognized.

‘Somaliland has carried out four peaceful and orderly transfers of power while this is the 5th. This is verily a benchmark which vividly indicates that Somaliland has ticked the boxes of statehood. This is an exemplary move which implies how we uphold the rule of law, and the primary objective which is strengthening the democratic system of the state,’ the President said.

‘I hereby declare that Somaliland qualifies an international recognition. The International Community should realize the facts and figures presented by Somaliland which has been in quest for international recognition,’ he emphasized.

He promised to fight nail and took to end corruption in the country, and maintain a strong relationship with the neighboring countries.

‘Corruption is a national disaster which needs to be wiped out. Everyone who commits corruption or paves the way to committing it, is a criminal who undergoes legal measure.’

The President also stated that unlike the recent cabinet, his cabinet will only consist of only 15 ministries.

‘I hereby declare that my government would be your government. It will be a government which works for the people. It will be a government that reflects all Somalilanders. Government officials in my administration would be simply public servants. My government would make sure that all government workers work at least 8 hours a day,’ he announced.

The President also thanked the opposition parties’ leaders and members for maintaining peace in the country, and accepting him as a legal President elect of Somaliland.

He finally implored Somalilanders to uphold the spirit of nationalism and maintain unity in the country, as these would help the country to achieve her dream.

‘My fellow citizens of Somaliland, all those things cannot be done without your help. Together we will eradicate poverty and backwardness. Let’s put Somaliland interest first. United we stand, divided we fall.’
















Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu


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