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The two most powerful words from the heart in the English language are ‘THANK YOU’, and none deserves our ‘thank you’ more-so than the men and women who leave their homes and loved ones 24/7 to protect our homes and loved ones 24/7.

Therefore, Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Peace December International along with its partners and sponsors is humbly encouraging the public to show their love to all of our brave angels for keeping us, our loved ones, our dignity and possessions safe 24/7.

The public can say ‘THANK YOU’ in many ways. They can gift flowers/roses, appreciation letters, handshakes, appropriate gifts; as well as messages of appreciation through drawings, painting, media appearances, social media, and telephone calls, etc… Thanks, Pollo Campero and Rainbow Florist for providing lunch and flowers to 43rd Precinct on Tuesday.

Special remembrance and thank you to our recently departed angels: Detective Miosotis Familia, Police Officer Michael Hance, Deputy Chief James G. Molloy, Detective Steven McDonald, Sergeant Paul J. Tuozzolo, Assistant Chief Michael V. Quinn.

If you are in Soundview, Parkchester and Castle Hill section, please join our ‘Appreciation Walk’ starting from Parkchester Number 6 Train Station at 12:00PM to 43rd Precinct. There will be a brief ‘Thank You’ press conference in front of the precinct with elected officials, clergy and sponsors. Bring your children to be part of this transformative relationship building opportunity.  God bless our public safety angels and God bless you all! #thankyou


Contact: 718-822-5555 or


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