Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Dear fellow patriotic citizens:

Be warned that if we ever normalized Donald J. Trump and his political platform of xenophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, divisive and soon to be realized anti-Semitic, history will rank us the worst and most unpatriotic citizens who ever occupy this Indian Land. Ends can’t justify antichrist means in a land proud of its Judeo-Christian heritage. While he is our President-elect, we still must not forget or ever accept how he got there and the enormous national damage his unbecoming of a president personality has already brought on us. His winning does not cancel our national embarrassment of being led by such uniquely unqualified person. Stay loyal to this great nation, while adamantly reject his platform, deplorable team and any attempt to normalize his divisive political tactics. May God continue to bless this nation! #trumptainment #trumpicide


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