Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Dear Fellow New Yorkers:


Please wake up and break free from the ravages of incompetent leadership we’ve endured. Do not throw away your most powerful patriotic privilege, your vote. Please make public safety your number one qualifying demand from the persons that would get your votes, because all other positive community developments depend on public safety. If you need my help qualifying your politicians’ competency, I would happily help. I know them all!

What frustrates the hell out of me is the fact that the most vocal anti NYPD politicians allow their constituents to be continuously slaughtered in their districts. Stop pandering to professional anti law enforcement groups and start insisting on public safety. Unfortunately most anti law enforcement movements inadvertently help shield criminal elements in our war zone neighborhoods. All responsible parents in the city are terrified whenever their children walk out of their homes, regardless of the purpose or time. This most end now! #peacevoters #thepeacecounty


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