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The Holy Land

By Aug 9, 2016
The only people who can draw more enemies by the minutes than Donald J. Trump these days are those with public positions in the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts. It does not matter who you are or what your position about this conflict is, you’re most certainly going to create new foes whenever you say anything pertaining to this ongoing deadly conflict. Unfortunately that’s why most peacemakers chose to refrain from publicly stating their positions, for a good reason, I may add.
Although I’m not yearning for more enemies, I’m a diehard peacemaker who is not afraid to advertise my deeply held position concerning the Holy land and beyond. Therefore my outsider opinion is that the Arab world, particularly; Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, must take the lead in rearranging their borders so that Palestinians would have a state and Israel would have a safe and secure home for the Jewish people. Since there are 22 independent nations in the Arab League, border rearrangement would not cause painful displacement of people.
The Middle East shall be an irrefutable paradise the day the vast Arab resources and Israeli’s prolific science & technology are married. This would immediately uplift all their citizens and fulfills peaceful commandments found in their respective Holy Books. #peacefulcoexistence


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