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By Aug 9, 2016

Dear Peacemakers:

Many of our individual, family and communal problems can be minimized (if not eliminated) by better economic standings. People who are in charge of multimillion dollars revenue corporations are the least likely to be your corner grocery stores robbers. Residents who own the buildings where they live and work are the last to complain about gentrifications. Couples with high paying professions and money in their back accounts have better chances of staying together as happy partners. And children raised in well-to-do, loving homes have greater chances of success in own lives.

So, in our pursuit of a peaceful coexistence, we must therefore tackled all barriers to peace and prosperity. ‪#‎meetandmarket‬

Please join me this Friday, August 12, 2016 at our monthly “Meet-N-Market” to exchange ideas about economic independence and self-sufficiency.


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