Tue. May 21st, 2024

The tiny vitriolic spectacle of the ongoing campaign is thankfully encircled by fortified walls consisting of millions of ordinary Americans who, despite of what these wrangling elitists are promising and fighting for, would continue to wake up each day making living comfortably possible in this nation regardless of who sleeps in White House:

  1. A teacher who went to bed after midnight from grading students’ assignments, and spending her/his own resources leveling the opportunity access for promising students with painful backgrounds.
  2. A fire professional rushing to a burning shelter to make sure the last cat was out.
  3. A construction worker being hoisted up to the last floor of an eighty story Manhattan skyline to attract more professionals, residents and tourism into the city.
  4. An entertainer bringing joy to the hearts of an orphanage center residents.
  5. A law enforcement personnel using all kinds of disguises to penetrate a deadly mafia extortionist fraternity.
  6. A young navy diver on a dangerous Alaska rescue mission to rescue a disable fishing boat.
  7. A nurse who refused to leave a 90 year old patient alone before the arrival of her traffic stranded replacement.
  8. A bouncer standing all night to protect the safety of his venue patrons.
  9. A politician who spends months recruiting co-sponsors for a piece of legislation that increases funding for breast cancer research.
  10. A cabdriver shuttling people from destination to another all day long.
  11. A charity executive authorizing life and death funding for emergency operation of an undocumented immigrant child.
  12. A supermarket delivery boy who knows all the seniors in a particular neighborhood.
  13. A college student frustrated by her grandfather’s Alzheimer’s working on some prevention inventions for the disease.
  14. A selfless journalist risking her own life to show and tell the precarious plights of innocent victims in the midst of unjust wars.
  15. A clergy person on his way to work stops a fight between young rival gang members, and ended up befriending them back to school.
  16. An Innocence Project lawyer causing a nation headache to save the life of a falsely convicted death row inmate.
  17. A diplomat sacrificing his life to block conflict-instigating lobbyists from destroying thousands of lives for access to his country’s natural resources.
  18. Etc, etc, etc.


Please do not allow the media to let you believe these vitriolic political pundits represent our nation. To the contrary, they’re an embarrassment to the world.  God bless the United States of America. God bless all the blue and white collar workers to whom our comfortable lives depend on.


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