Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Dear Friends:


It is my honor to let you know that one of the outcomes of my post 9/11 searches for a ‘Common Ground/Peaceful Co-existence’ was a children’s interfaith book I called “Loving-For-Living in the Holy Land”.  The book was written in 2006 but had not been published until now. Amazingly when I was in Israel this year, especially in Jerusalem, the book was like my mental GPS to the future of the Holy Land and beyond.

‘Loving-For-Living’ highlights the Holy Land’s ‘homeliness’ to its diverse residents. Therefore it is my opinion that Individuals, groups and politicians all over the world with various positions on the ongoing conflict would not make any meaningful and positive impact until they all recognize the deeply rooted meaning of “Home” in the eyes of the Arabs and the Jews residents alike.

For example, a Jew in the United States is a US Jew. A Jew in France is a French Jew. A Jew in Soviet Union is a Russian Jew, etc. but a Jew in Israel is a person who is “Home”. This feeling of ‘homeliness’ transcends politics, culture, place of birth and all other human associations and attributions.

For the Arab Israeli/Palestinians living in some of the worst conditions in what they consider illegal occupied land, there maybe twenty two (22) nations in the Arab League with sufficient land and resources for them, but Palestine is “Home”.  This feeling of ‘homeliness’ transcends politics, culture, place of birth and all other human associations and attributions.

With this undeniable feeling of being “Home” from both sides on the Holy Land, the rising radicalization of young Muslims in the West and the increased global violence against both Jews and Muslims, I decided to immediately turn this book into a viral animated cartoon series as a counter narrative to the ISIS of the world.

On that vein, I’m humbled and excited to inform that the preliminary ‘Screenplay’ for this animated cartoon was professionally written and shown to experts for critics, and they unanimously agreed this project is greater than my initial vision and there won’t be difficulties getting it distributed by such media like Netflix…

Now I signed a contract that requires thirty five thousand ($35, 000) dollars to get the first two of the twelve episodes out to be able to raise enough money needed to self-produce it for the greater global audience.  I therefore need to get 35 people with thousand each or one capable believer with the full amount.

In addition to investing in a worthy cause, investors/donors will share profits resulted from this project, if any. Also if you are a strong believer in seeking a long term solutions to these senselessly increasing global atrocities as I do, and wants to help take it to a next level, I eagerly welcome you. We all know that a world where uncontainable religious and political criminals are free to recruit is a dangerous and unsustainable one. God bless!


For Further information and or clarification about Loving-For-Living, please contact me:

Sheikh Musa Drammeh





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