Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

This is my Ramadan message to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Allah (SW) told Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that you are not in charge of Muslims nor are you responsible for their actions. Your only duty is to tell them what I give you, the guidance. The ones who follow it do so for their benefit, the ones who deny it do so at their lost. Once a hateful individual walked inside the Prophet’s Masjid and Pied in the Masjid to show his disrespect. When the worshippers (out of rage) were in competition to harm him, the Prophet said no.

Now if the life of a hateful person inside the most sacred place in the Muslim world is to be protected and honored, where did we go wrong in believing that a purported sketches of a man deserves a capital punishment.  Please do not do disservice to your Prophet by acting out of ignorance. Today over 1.5 billion individuals from all walks of life and regions are proud followers of Muhammad (PBUH), not bad for a poor orphan in the middle of a barren desert. Killing or harming of innocence is more disrespectful to Muhammad than his enemies’ provocative sketches. Ramadan Kareem to you all!


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