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Kouyate and host Fatoumata Souare
Kouyate and host Fatoumata Souare


Peace December, a world peace project, launched the adding of a new country- Guinea. The launch was to announce and raise money for their big concert in December to promote peace in Guinea and throughout the entire month.

Mory Kouyate, the director of Peace December Guinea Conakry Project, teamed up Sheikh Moussa Drammeh, the founder of Peace December to promote peace in Guinea due to several wars over the decades and tension between the different ethnic group, mainly between Fulani, Mandingo, and Soussou.

The event was hosted by the 2010 Miss Guinea USA first runner-up, Fatoumata Soaure, and Serge Demefack, a Cameroonian, in the Bronx on Saturday, Oct. 4, with performances and speaker all in the name of peace.

One of the shows openers was Edna Thomas-Granger, the director of New York Peace Coalition and singer, in a long, flowing red and gold dress as she sang “Peace is the Reason,” a song she wrote with founder Sheikh Drammeh.

“Peace is the reason I live and love,” were some of the lyrics she sang as the crowd joined in clapping and singing along. As the director she also spoke about the topic at hand.

“You say peace and everyone is on board, but we have to stand for peace,” said Thomas-Granger.

There was no doubt that those who followed her on stage throughout the night not only stood for peace, but live for it.

“Peace is a cause I cherish and champion,” said Sekou Kasselly, the keynote speaker and graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He spoke about how without peace there is no security echoing the United Nation’s Peacekeeper Operation mission “to maintain peace and security”.

Besides peace was unity among all people. The room was filled with people not just from Guinea, but from all over the world to support the endeavor. There were citizens from Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia, Rwanda, and other places from around the world in the room.

“I’m glad to see there are people not just from Guinea here, but collective as a continent to support each other because we need peace everywhere,” said Fatima Diallo, founder of Miss Guinea USA pageant and sponsor.

“Peace is within all of us,” she said.

The most touching story of the night was from Oumar Camara whose brother was killed in Guinea which propelled him to co-found the Guinean Independent Festival last year. As he gripped the microphone and spoke to the crowd visibly choking up about how violence took his brother’s life.

“They pulled him over on his motorcycle and killed him because they thought he was Mandingo,” says Camara, a soussou Guinean describing why his brother was killed. The traumatic event left the typically un-involved Camara becoming a change agent in the community, especially when t comes to peace.

“Whatever you can do to promote peace you do it,” said Camara.

Peace December is looking to raise $20,000 for the big concert in December 30, 2014. If you want to donate please visit




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