Tue. May 21st, 2024


A 22 year old Ugandan student, Abdallah Sajid Mutyaba, has won an international Koran reciting competition that took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

An Egyptian participant was the runner up in the competition which was witnessed by many people including Islam clerics.

According to an official from Uganda Muslim council, Abdul Kaye, Abdallah Sajid Mutyaba won the six-day competition that started last week on Monday and ended on Sunday.

Kaye said, “Our representative, Abdallah Sajid Mutyaba returned yesterday from Saudi Arabia where he won the international Koran reciting competition. He has made us proud. Imagine him winning reciting competition participated in by people from the whole world -that is not a small achievement.”

The competition was organized by the Holy Koran Memorization International organization. It attracted participants from Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and others.

Kaye said that the awards were handed to the winners by the chief of Mecca city, prince Mish-Ali Bin Abdallah, who represented the King of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdallah Basfar.

Mutyaba was given a hero’s welcome by fellow Ugandan Muslim students and Muslim fraternity.

He studies at Ubayyi Bun Ka’ab Koran Memorization Institute at Bwebajja about 15 kms south of Uganda’s capital Kampala. His teachers said that he has been winning several competitions of Koran reciting at the school.


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