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Muslim couples all over the world have been advised to take the holy month of Ramadan as an opportunity to strengthen their marriages and also pray for forgiveness.

According to the coordinator of African Muslim Women Association, Hajat Aisha Nantala, in Islam, marriage is viewed as a very important institution, and therefore during Ramadan couples should become close to each other as they pray to Allah to consolidate their relationship.

While addressing Muslim women in Kenya’s western town of Busia she said,”In our religion, marriage is regarded as the foundation of society and family life. During Ramadan married couples should pray so that their relationship becomes stronger. In fact Ramadan should be used by them to strengthen their marriages.”

Nantala also urged Muslim women in Africa to always aspire to acquire Koranic knowledge. “Women should know the importance of the Koran in Islam. They should gain Koranic  knowledge and incorporate positive aspects from the family life of the prophet Muhammad into their marriages,” she said.

She said being parents they should also educate their children about the importance of Ramadan and also teach them how to recite the Koran.

“It is important to teach the children how to recite the Koran because it will help them to develop elevated thinking that can enable them to ponder critical issues that can help them reconcile the many confusing ideologies that the world will throw at them,” she said.


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