Sat. May 18th, 2024


The ZenoRadio app for android phones was released today as a collaborative effort of ZenoRadio and to bring a better radio experience for their listeners who are typically immigrants.

ZenoRadio’s services before the app launched allowed anyone in the U.S. on a landline or mobile phone to listen to live or prerecorded radio for news, sports, music, and talk radio from their prospective countries. is the largest radio broadcast for tamil-a Dravidian ethnic group- listeners appealing largely to the youth.  Separately they target very specific audiences causing the app to be more successful together.

The app’s website description:

ZenoRadio connects users in the US to live radio stations from all over the globe. Simply search by country or station. ZenoRadio connects your phone to the live broadcast by dialing a local US phone number. That way no data is being used on your phone. To make it easy to use, ZenoRadio will automatically offer your recently listened- to stations the next time you use the service.

Both broadcasting radio services are very popular with their separate audiences it just made sense combining the two together for the app. They believe it “will expand the listening experience to the millions of users who listen to audio content on their mobile devices,” said in a press release. Listeners can download the app for free and choose between using their mobile phone minutes or internet data that are already available through their service providers.

“The ZenoRadio mobile app for TamilFlash.Fm helps us reach our listeners via mobile devices, no matter what their mobile plan is. We thank ZenoRadio for this great service,” Dr. Med. Ohmed Ahmed, CEO of TamilFlash.Fm. can now reach listeners away from their computer and on their phones enhancing the experience for them.

“We are working together with TamilFlash.FM to enhance their listeners’ experience with this revolutionary app. We will be adding features that will help to turn their broadcast into a conversation over the coming months,” said Baruch Herzfeld, ZenoRadio’s President and Founder.

The large youth appeal of makes the app exciting for the the company.

“The app is a great concept of ZenoRadio. Our listeners love to use it!” said Ahmed.  



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