Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh

The younger generation of world’s citizens has demanded the cessation of situations that produce the Mandelas’ of the world. This highly sophisticated, affluent and technically superior generation, demand an immediate re-prioritization of world objectives and reorientation of resources to world peace, health, education and equitable managing of common resources.

This generation has no interest in continuing self-eliminating inventions of the past. They would rather see geniuses; racket scientists, politicians and philanthropists to close the doors of arm races, greed, corruptions, and unfair control of global resources, prejudice, and being indifferent to others.

This generation understands the magnitude of global resources and believes if managed equitably, should prevent global heinous crimes such as slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, Holocaust, and world wars that create Mandelas.

This generation understands that all these after-crime monuments, memorials, movies and monetary compensations are meaningless if the conditions that cause their existence live on. Every Mandela is picked out of millions of other victims we never know.

This generation does not need any more heroes/heroine out of mass casualties of ordinary people asking for basic entitlements.
This generation wants heroes from teachers, doctors, scientists, peacemakers, environmentalists, animal lovers, entertainers, etc…

Finally, this generation wants to celebrate life not destroy it, as has been the painful history of the generations past. This generation therefore loves Mandelas, but not their necessity.



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