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By Godfrey Olukya 31-7-2013

A cross section of South Sudanese have appreciated the government of Sudan for extending dates to cut off oil flow from South Sudan from 7th August to 22nd 2013 as it had threatened.

”At least we will get more dollars from oil to solve our problems.” said Charles Lotek, a businessman in Juba.”Whenever they stop the flowing of our oil, the government runs short of money to provide services.” he added.

South Sudan student, Michael Taban, studying in Ugandan university said that he got excited over extension of closing oil flow because that meant that the government would get more money and therefore he would be sure of getting his allowances.

Taban said, ”Definitely am happy about the extension. I pray that by 22nd August the two countries will have solved their differences so that oil continues to flow.”

Sudan had threatened to stop the flow but has extended the deadline to do so up to 22nd August 2013. In response, South Sudan has suspended the reduction of oil production which was initiated by the threat by Khartoum to close down the oil flow.

Sudan’s extension of the deadline reportedly came in response to mediation from China and the African Union.The two weeks extension is intended to allow time for the AU verification team to investigate allegations by both countries of support to rebels in each other’s territory.

Authorities in south Sudan have confirmed that oil will continue to flow through Sudan’s oil pipelines.

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum, Machar Aciek Ader, said, ‘We have received communication from Sudan to that effect. A formal notification has been received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.’We received a message from Khartoum for the extension of the closing of the oil pipelines to 22nd of next month, We are going to keep the pipelines open until that date.”



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