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By Godfrey Olukya 28-6-2013


Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has advised leaders to de-mystify the lies that are peddled to Ugandans by the media.

He said the leaders ought to always strive and give the masses the true up-to-date information on the country’s progress and development since the NRM government took over power 27 years ago.

“Leaders should not allow radios to spread lies because they are diverting people’s time into things that are not relevant”, he said.


The President was yesterday addressing a meeting of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders from Otuke district, Lango sub-region, who called on him at State House Entebbe.  The 150-strong delegation that was led by the Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Annet Okwenye, shared with the President pertinent issues of development and Party activities in their region.


The President noted with dismay that, despite the various glaring achievements that the country has registered such as the expansion of the revenue collection base, continued peace and improved infrastructure development, the leaders have made no effort to make their people aware and appreciate these improvements.


Mr. Museveni further asked leaders to desist from the habit of shouldering people’s personal problems and move to pay a guiding role by showing them the right directions to take in order to enable them solve their personal problems.


“To lead, means to show the way.  So advise the people to take advantage of the prevailing peace and engage in modern farming, create industries, go into service provision.  That way, lonyo (wealth), will be automatic”, the President said.


The President thanked the people of Otuke district in particular and Lango Sub-Region as a whole for their support to the National Resistance Movement


The delegation commended the President for the success registered in the Karamoja disarmament program adding that the project greatly contributed to the restoration of peace in the region that is currently being enjoyed by the area.


Mr. Oweka Samuel who is the Chairman of NRM in Otuke raised a number of challenges in the district that require government intervention especially lack of teachers’ houses which, he said, is affecting education standards in the district.


The meeting was attended by the Vice-Chairperson of NRM in Lango sub-region and State Minister for Housing, Mr. Sam Engola, Otuke RDC Hajji Kalungi Ssalongo and Otuke Town Council Mayor, Mr. Okwir Robert, among others.





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