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By Godfrey Olukya  19-4-2013
A Muslim leader in Uganda has requested the government to investigate the rampart killing of Muslims in the country.

Highly respected Sheikh Suleiman Kasule Ndirangwa,who is the Kampala city Khadi has also urged state security organizations to step up security to stop the continuous attacks and killing of people, mostly Muslims, by unknown assailants.

Ndirangawa said this following the killing  of a prominent Muslim businessman in  Mukono town, 20 miles from Kampala. The businessman identified as Meddie Tamale was shot dead on Wednesday night as he entered his house.
‘Most of the people being killed by armed assailants are prominent Muslims in the country. I urge the government to arrest the situation. Many of our brothers have been killed and no arrests are made. No report has been presented by the police showing the cause of such incidents. ‘Ndirangwa said.
In the last two year, over twenty prominent Muslims have been shot in different parts of the country including and in the city center, at times during broad day. Although at times some suspects have been arrested, no substantial killers have ever been arrested and tried by court.
Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakoba said that they are trying their best to investigate the killings. She said that in some cases the suspects are arrested and taken to court.


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