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By Apr 3, 2013
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“With the spiritual climate of this city having already shifted, the political climate will change as well.  The aftermath of Super- storm Sandy has left our families, friends and communities in human devastation; we are in a State of Emergency, code orange. If this new political leadership is going to evolve and survive, they must realize that all eyes are on them and will be held accountable not to advance on the backs of poor, un-served and under-served populations,” Rev. Dr. Cheryl Anthony, Pastor, JUDAH International Christian Center, Chair, The Judah Response and Recovery Coalition and President, The Women of Faith Advocating for Change.
“The covenant is where we begin and what we build upon.  Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and other faiths will gather unified on issues regarding the welfare of our people,” Bishop Roderick Caesar, Senior Pastor, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle.
“This is one of the most important mayoral elections for our city.  We as faith leaders have questions that need to be answered before we make our decision as to who is best qualified to lead our city.  This forum is another spoke in the wheel moving us to making the right decision for the right Mayor,” Revs. Tim and Que English, Co-Founders, New York City Clergy Roundtable and Senior Pastors, Bronx Christian Fellowship Church.
“From all of our diverse faith traditions, we look to our city and its leadership for a model of compassion and justice, for building the Beloved Community here in our own place.  To that end we lend the prophetic voices of our faith traditions to help shape a progressive governance for our city.”  Rabbi Michael E. Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
“The mayor of New York City is one of the chief shepherds of our metropolitan community.  As such, she or he needs to be deeply committed to the overall well-being of each individual.  It is imperative that whoever our new mayor will be must be committed to the elimination of poverty and to leading the way on the road to economic justice for all.  Those who gather together on the 8th of April at this forum, come together to collectively express our commitment to hold this shepherd fully accountable to the people,” Rev. Joel A. Gibson, Director of Member and Faith Based Services at Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies.
“The rabbis teach that the world stands on three things: Wisdom, Work and Kindness. Faith must lead the way in ensuring that our leaders possess and retain these qualities, and use them to make our great city great for all New Yorkers.” Rabbi Ari Hart, Assistant Rabbi at Hebrew Institute of Riverdale and a founder of Uri L’Tzedek: Awaken to Justice.
“In recent years so much power has been consolidated in the Mayor’s office, that this may be the most important mayoral election this city has ever seen. We are pleased that the candidates for Mayor will be at this forum — a forum where the faith community will be front and center on the issues that matter most to us — the welfare of our communities.” Rev. Jennifer Kottler, Pastor Upper East Side
“The upcoming elections will be critical for shaping the future of our City. People of faith have to mobilize to realize the vision of our City as a ‘blessed community’ – a community in which the rich resources of our City are shared equitably and our glorious diversity is celebrated and honored.” Rev. Mark C. Hallinan SJ, St. Mary of the Assumption – Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
“This is a pivotal year in New York City.  This is the year to make a change and to elect a leader who will have the heartbeat of the community.  That’s what this forum is about.  Clergy from all faiths are united in this fact.  There are certain values and principles that we hold dear, and we want our elected official to hold them dear as well.” Imam Abdul-Karim Rahim, Majid Adams
“It is apparent there is a disconnect in communication and biased perception that has contributed to unsafe communities.  There must be conversations and action on a deeper level that diminishes the rise of violence in our communities.  As a faith leader, this issue is at the forefront of my mind for this forum,” Rev. Gil Monrose, President, 67th Precinct Clergy Council, Brooklyn, NY and Pastor, Mt Zion Church of God 7th Day.
“It is incumbent upon the faith community to have its voice included in the chorus of public opinion, because (1) our congregations rely on the ability of its leadership to articulate their needs, and (2) they collectively represent one of the largest constituencies in the city and state of New York.” Rev. Dr. Divine Pryor, Center for NuLeadership.
“We as faith leaders see this meeting in line with our moral imperative of taking care of the neediest of the people of the City of New York.  If we push our people to vote we want to make sure they know where their candidates stand on issues vital to them and our community,” said Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera, President, Latino Pastoral Action Center and Senior Pastor, Sanctuary Church.
 “New York is often the guidepost for laws around the nation. I am hopeful that as the present cadres of mayoral candidates are vetted they would govern with the common good in mind. As a Christian leader that means I look to see how the poor, most vulnerable, and immigrants are treated. That will be a key part of my measuring stick,” Rev. Gabriel Salguero, Senior Pastor, The Lamb’s Church and President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition.
“As the faith community seeks to actively address the vital social determinants of health and well-being, and to ensure equitable access to services throughout the city, can it fully count on the next mayor to be a key partner in that shared endeavor? This is my question.” Rev. Donald. Stiger, Senior Vice President for Mission and Spiritual Care, Lutheran Medical Center.
 “We’re doing this because our city cannot continue the way it’s been going and in order for there to be change we need a commitment to change before and after they get into office,” said, Rev. Dr. Jesse T. Williams, Senior Pastor, Convent Avenue Baptist Church.


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