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By Godfrey Olukya 13-11-2012

Over one thousand people have been displaced by floods caused by heavy rains in South Sudan.

According to a Red Cross official in South Sudan, Stephen Okeny, the displaced people are in Nzara village, Western Equatoria State.

‘Over one thousand people are now homeless after being displaced by floods’ said Okeny. ‘Those most affected are the ones who live at the
banks of river Yubu. Houses on both sides of the river have been destroyed by floods.’he added.

He said that Red cross and other international organizations including Medicins sans Frontier (MSF) have sent teams to the area to assess the condition of those affected. Soon after the assessment aid will be sent to the affected people.

The deputy executive director of Nzara county, Richard Khamis Jedid said that there is urgent need to help the people affected by the floods.

He said, ‘Over two hundred homes have been destroyed by the floods. We have experienced heavy rains that started last Friday and continued throughout the weekend. They caused the heavy floods.’

Most of the affected people have taken refuge at higher grounds in government buildings including schools .



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