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By Godfrey Olukya 25-10-2012

The government of Kenya has resolved to open embassies in six Africa countries as one of the ways of strengthening her economy on continent.

The embassies are reportedly to be opened soon in Ghana, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Angola.

Kenya has the biggest economy in east Africa. For a long time many countries in the region have been depending on products manufactured in Kenya.

An official in Kenya foreign ministry, William Nsoye said, ‘We have resolved to open new diplomatic missions in Ghana, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Angola and Democratic republic of Congo.’

According to Kenya’s plan, the embassy in Senegal will serve as a key entry point for Kenyan commerce into Francophone West Africa while a mission will also be established specifically for the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to Nsoye,Kenya believes that Africa is becoming more and
more competitive. He said they realize the importance of intra-African

Kenya has of recent been actively seeking markets in non-traditional trading partners as the credit crunch continues to constrain Western Europe’s purchasing power.

In South Sudan, thousands of Kenyan businessmen have established businesses in the capital Juba and other town in the country. Banks in Kenya have also established branches in South Sudan.



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