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By Godfey Olukya  8-10-2012

Muslims in Malawi have resolved to open a university in the country to be used in promoting modern education among Muslims.

They have also agreed on establishing an Islam television station to be used in promoting Islam and it’s culture.

A statement issued to the press by the three major Muslim organizations  in Malawi indicated that they have started mobilizing resources to start the university and television station.

One of the Muslim leaders in Malawi, Hamuza Banda  said,’ We have all agreed to mobilize resources for establishing the university and television station.We made the decision to do so at  the end of this year’s National Islamic Ijitimah prayers at Kamuzu Stadium. We have already started collecting some funds.’

He said that the former head of state, Dr Bakili Muluzi, a devout Muslim, has played a big role in hatching the plan to start a university and television station.

He is the one who brought the idea and we all accepted it. We are confident that the university and television station will go a long way in promoting Islam in Malawi.

The Muslim community in Malawi will be joining other religions which already have universities. Among the church-run universities are the African Bible College, the Livingstonia University, Seventh Day Adventist University and Catholic University.

The Muslims in Malawi complained against being discriminated by government as far as appointments in high positions is concerned.

They said in a statement,’ We  request Government to consider including qualified Muslims into various positions. Many have papers and qualifications but the opportunities are lacking.’

Muslims in Malawi are mostly involved in business activities. The also manage most of the butcheries.



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