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By Godfrey Olukya 3-10-2012

Non government organizations(NGOs) which have been assisting local and displaced people in south Sudan’s Jonglei state have started fleeing the area due to the intensifying fighting between rebels and government troops.

‘We are helpless. Those who have been helping us are running way. We have been left to the mercy of fate.’ said one of the leaders of the
area Mike Ochan.

Among the organizations that have suspended operations is MSF Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) .

It has been operating in Pibor County in Jonglei State where there is much fighting between the rebels and government troops. It cited
insecurity as cause of its closing down.

MSF said it has has has pulled its staff out of Likuangole and Gumuruk payams, due to the resurging militia activities of David Yau Yau.

The MSF field assistant in Pibor County, Elijah Kidonji Aburku, said,’We have evacuated all our international staff. We are treating the
sick and people injured in clashes between the militants and the army at Pibor hospital.’

He said that apart from people living in internally displaced peoples camps, most of those from the local communities have also fled the areas.

‘ We are not going there because there is no population there. All the community which is in Likuangole is displaced into different places and we, as medical organization, are not going to stay without people there. We have pulled out because of insecurity.’ said Aburku



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