Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Shams al-Din Kabbashi, visited Sennar today following a Rapid Support Forces (RSF) incursion that was repelled by the SAF.

The city, located approximately 300 kilometres southeast of Khartoum, experienced intense fighting on Tuesday evening, but a cautious calm has since returned.

In response to the RSF attack, the Sudanese Air Force launched airstrikes on a key RSF base in Jabal Moya, a strategic location west of Sennar.

Kabbashi, who is also a member of the Sovereign Council, met with military and security leaders in Sennar, affirming the army’s unwavering commitment to defeating the RSF and safeguarding the nation. He assessed the military’s operational readiness and inspected key routes within the city.

The RSF had briefly seized control of parts of Sennar before being pushed back by a combined force of army, intelligence, and local resistance forces. The RSF suffered significant losses in personnel and equipment during the clashes.

Sudanese army strikes RSF positions

The Sudanese army conducted airstrikes on Rapid Support Forces (RSF) positions in Jabal Moya, west of Sennar state, destroying RSF vehicles. The army also showcased captured RSF equipment, including civilian vehicles and cannons, as proof of successful counter-operations.

An RSF reinforcement convoy heading from southern Al Jazirah to relieve besieged forces in Jabal Moya was reportedly decimated, with its commander killed. This comes after the RSF seized control of the strategic Jabal Moya area, linking Sennar, Al Jazirah, and White Nile states.

Since taking control of Al Jazirah state late last year, the RSF has expanded southwards, committing alleged atrocities against civilians in western Sennar villages.

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