Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Saudi Transport General Authority (TGS) has announced the suspension of operations for two passenger transport apps and four food delivery apps due to their non-compliance with regulations.

This action comes as part of the authority’s efforts to uphold consumer safety and standards, as these apps were found operating without the required licenses.

The TGS emphasized its ongoing oversight role to ensure all apps adhere to regulations, aiming to create a secure and efficient transportation environment that safeguards consumer rights within the Kingdom. It underscored the importance of using licensed apps to ensure reliable and safe services.

Encouraging consumer involvement, the authority urged individuals to report any concerns or grievances regarding passenger transportation and delivery apps. Reports can be made via the unified number 19929 or through the dedicated beneficiary care account on the X platform @tga_care. The TGA reaffirmed its dedication to improving service quality and safeguarding consumer rights.

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