Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

In a bid to enhance the global market reach of Saudi exports, the General Authority for Foreign Trade, through the Agency for Private Sector Affairs and International Representation, has initiated a comprehensive series of workshops named “Through the Attachés.”

These workshops, conducted periodically, aim to equip Saudi exporters with crucial insights into procedures, market requirements, and opportunities, fostering a strategic approach to exporting Saudi products on a global scale.

Acting Deputy Governor for Private Sector Affairs and International Representation, Fawaz bin Saad bin Rafa’ah, emphasized the workshops’ role in facilitating Saudi exporters’ entry into global markets. The sessions delve into identifying targeted markets, comprehending key agreements that facilitate product access, and encouraging investment, thereby empowering Saudi businesses to navigate and participate in international exhibitions.

With a focus on maximizing benefits for entities promoting commercial attachés globally, the workshops underscore Saudi Arabia’s geographical strengths and competitive advantages. This strategic approach aims to create a more diverse and sustainable economy, emphasizing the importance of Saudi Arabia’s trade gains, export boost, and protection of trade interests.

The Foreign Trade Authority’s commitment to economic development is evident through its global presence, guided by 20 commercial attachés worldwide. The agency has provided communication channels, encouraging entities to submit workshop and meeting requests “through attachés” via email at

Highlighting the broader objectives, the Foreign Trade Authority actively works towards maximizing Saudi Arabia’s international trade gains, enabling exports to foreign markets, attracting investments, and safeguarding national interests in foreign trade. Established on January 1, 2019, the General Authority for Foreign Trade plays a pivotal role in enhancing the Kingdom’s international commercial and investment activities.

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