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The Republic of Kenya has on Tuesday 12, December 2017, marked and celebrated 54 years since Independence, also termed as ‘Jumhuri Day’ in Kiswahili.

The country has held the day’s celebrations at Moi International Sports Center (M.I.S.C) in Kasarani, its 60,000 seater stadium, and the gates are said to have been opened right from 7am, to allow arrivals settle themselves in.

During the celebrations there was a military parade and the ceremonial trooping of the color, conducted by the Kenya Air Force command from Moi Air Base in Eastleigh, Nairobi, traditional dances and the ceremonial raising of the Kenyan flag, later on the President addressing the gathering.

This has been the country’s first public holiday that the President of the State, Uhuru Kenyatta, has presided since he was sworn in as President for his second term in power.

Erick Kiraithe, the government spokesman had informed earlier that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) formation would also host the President’s Guard of Honor and lead other armed and disciplined forces commands in a march-past, as well as pull off the fly-pas.

In his speech, President Uhuru Kenyatta urged peace and unity in the country, as the only way to help them prosper like they thrive for.

‘Unity is paramount to the realization of a peaceful and prosperous nation. Every Kenyan must understand its value and how our individual choices, particularly in the politics we support, play into building or destroying it,’ the President said.

‘The unity of our nation is the shield against the dangers that have shattered other countries; it protects us against any enemy by frustrating attempts to divide and, therefore, weaken us.’

‘Unity allows us to forge forward, together, in building families, communities, counties, and a nation that knows what it wants and where it is going,’ he further said.

Despite the opposition party’s postponement of its leader’s swearing in ceremony which was initially scheduled to be held on the same day until later reforms, the Kenyan police was still deployed at the streets to make sure that nothing of any sort disrupts the celebration.

Japheth Koome, Nairobi Police Boss also had earlier warned that police would not allow any other public gathering in the city and urged Kenyans to converge at the Moi International Sports Complex, Kasarani for national celebrations to mark Jamhuri Day.

Raila Odinga, the NASA opposition party leader had to be sworn in as ‘People’s President’ as the country celebrated her independence, however, the party made an announcement at a later moment and postponed the date.

They also promised would inform their supporters of when the next date will be, and asked them not to lose hope and faith.










Correspondent:  Shamilah Namuddu


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