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Three Kenyan women citizens were presented before the judge on Tuesday 5, December 2017, under accusations of undergoing through Female Genital Mutilation.

At the Nakuru Court where they faced the judge, the women professed that they greatly regretted the decision of allowing to be cut.

The Kenyan police on Monday at dawn, raided a home in Tebeswet Village, Njoro, Nakuru County, after information from the public, and arrested three women and a man, for agreeing to be cut.

The man arrested along with the women, was charged with providing necessities to the women to ease the cutting process, and proving shelter to them as the process went on.

According to the prosecution, the man owns the house.

When appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Liz Gicheha, at the court, the women explained the horrible experience they are going through at the moment, after the cut, and reasons that pushed them to doing so.

‘It was a very painful process,’ said one of the women.

‘The experience was traumatizing and it left me with serious wounds, which I am still nursing to date.’

‘I did not know that the cut was such a bad experience. I only wanted to do it because I heard my colleagues talking about it passionately,’ she explained.

The second woman, who spoke while uncomfortable and in a lot of pain, said she voluntarily agreed to undergo FGM because she knew it was the only way she could be initiated into womanhood.

‘I thought it was right because I was told I would become a woman. But I just realized it is a very bad thing because I am in much pain now. I would not wish for anybody else to experience this,’ she professed.

The woman told the court that she would help mobilize other women in her village to reject FGM.

The third woman said she decided to agree to the cut so that other women would not discriminate against her.

‘I decided to undergo the cut after my fellow women refused to listen to me claiming that I was still a kid since I was not circumcised. I however regret engaging in it because I am really suffering,’ she said.

During the arrest, the police reported that three other women and the person that helped in administering the cut, had escaped.

According to the Magistrate, the three women were put under a one-week probation to allow them mobilize their colleagues against engaging in the outlawed act.

The house owner was however released on a bond of Sh100,000.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia.














Reporter:  Shamilah Namuddu


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