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Neighborly Day

By Nov 24, 2017

Happy Neighborly Day!


While we may not know who will commit the next violent crimes, where and how they’ll be committed, and for what reason, we’re nonetheless certain violent crimes would be committed against innocent people by folks who needed our neighborly interventions. Friday, the Neighborly Day, is the best occasion to check on our neighbors and to perhaps impact their lives permanently.

This is the reason why we can no longer just mind our own business in this and age. We are one human family who should be mindful of all elements from within in order to provide timely assistance to those in need, disrupt evil plans being hatched and prevent heinous crimes that could be carried out by the unhinged family members. Another word, every Neighborly Day gives us a unique opportunity to have intimate interactions with our neighbors in order to learn firsthand how to be helpful to them and when we do know something, we must immediately do something. It is our neighborly business to be in the know for preventive sake!

Against this backdrop of the Neighborly Day that we cordially invite you to participate in our coordinated Peacemakers Dinners taking place on Neighborly Day (Fridays).  These innovative public safety dinners are dedicated to connecting hearts and minds, prevent crimes and violence, reverse brain and resource drainage, mentor the youth and unhinged, nurture talent and leadership, share resources and solutions, and equalize public safety and quality of life in all neighborhoods of our diverse city. Indeed the best prevention is neighborly love. Please like our Facebook group page at: Thank you!

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Neighborly Day









“We must never, ever normalize crime, violence, abuse, injustice, bias, inequity, poverty, violent extremism or oppression because they’re not inevitable.  They’re committed/nurtured by folks we know, love, live with, hire or elect. The outcome of all our actions and interactions must be peaceful coexistence. There would not be peaceful without justice. And there would not be justice without neighborly love. We can invest in prevention or spend in reaction. The choice is ours.”
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