Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

This year, Austria’s parliament approved the ban of Burqa in May in spite of protests from Muslim groups and resistance from lawyers. Many people have sent controversial messages concerning this ban but nothing has been done to lift the ban. Fine has been placed on anyone who is seen wearing burqa in the country.

Recently, a muslim lady was instructed to remove her veil by two police officers in a city south of Saltzburg. Reports confirmed that she was forcibly made to remove her facial coverings after a new law banning the face veil came into force in Austria.

In reaction this act, the government said the new “integration” policy, which makes it illegal to wear clothes that obscure one’s face in public, has been implemented to protect Austrian values. The government further claimed that the ban is being made to further strengthen the security service of the country.

In addition, reports confirmed that those who defy the ban will be liable to a fine of €150 and must take off the garment “on the spot” if police instruct them to do so. The government said that faces must be visible from the hairline to the skin under the new ban. This fining of wearing a religious garment has posed condemnation in and outside the country but the government insisted that it must be abide to.

However, it was claimed that the new law not only bans Muslim veils such as the burqa or niqab but also puts restrictions on the use of medical face masks and clown makeup. Many Muslims feel it is just a way to make them feel better, they insisted on getting back the rights they deserve. Also, tourism officials have voiced concerns stating that the measures will discourage visitors from the Gulf.

History confirmed that France and Belgium implemented a burka ban in 2011 and a similar measure is currently going through the Dutch parliament. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has previously voiced her support for a similar law in Germany, saying: “Our law takes precedence over codes of honour, tribal or family rules, and over sharia law.” This has made many Muslims feel uncomfortable in their own land.

As a matter of fact, last week, the Austrian government issued posters and leaflets threatening Muslim women with fines for wearing face veils ahead of the introduction of the controversial ban. Many Muslims in the country are not happy with the threat as they feel their rights and freedoms are being infringed upon.


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