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Number 45

By Sep 26, 2017

Dear media networks,

As deplorable as number 45 is, you are despicable in normalizing his vitriolic, xenophobic, misogynistic, and racist ignorance. Unfortunately your continued normalization and constant interpretations of his vitriolic, divisive and childish social media communications for profit, has already rendered this nation an irreparable harm nationally and internationally. Electing the most temperamentally unfit person into White House was bad, normalizing this mistake is worst. The world is now watching this embarrassing train wreck with disappointment. Enough is enough. There are many important humanitarian issues nationally and internationally that you must focus our attentions to. This nation must continue to lead in intelligent and moral leadership, justice for all, freedom and socioeconomic progress among others. Therefore you are miserably failing on your moral responsibility to be the forces for good, guardians of truth and not carriers of time-wasting, divisive garbage. You are the most powerful tool for this nation. Use it to advance your nation in the most competitive world not destroy it. Thank you and God bless your profession. God bless the United States of America! #usalove

From a frustrated patriot


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