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KUALA LUMPUR –  South Asian games Organizers regretted mistake over Indonesian flag which was printed wrongly. Later it went viral on social media; he apologized on the behalf of the Malaysian government.

On Sunday 20th August 20, 2017 Malaysia hosted 29th South East Asian Games. Athletes all around the world joined to participate in various games.

On tweeter Indonesians said that flag is the symbol of sovereignty and freedom, it represented the sacrifice of freedom fighters. They deshrine our dignity and honour.

South Asian games Organizers by mistake printed Indonesian flag upside down in guidebook, which ignite anger of Indonesians on social media.

It is stated that the mistake which made Indonesian flag similar to Polish flag so Indonesian tweeted, “Shame on you Malaysia”.

Indonesian Olympic Committee Chairman Erick Thohir said, ‘The mistake shows negligence and they must withdraw the guidebook and print a new version.’

Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi said, ‘The error is very painful.’

Although, Malay government apologized officially and called it “printing mistake” and refused the accusation that they didn’t try to “degrade Indonesian flag.”

Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia Khairy personally apologized Nahrawi. In his statement he said, ‘We very much regret the mistake.’






Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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