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The most powerful two words in the English language are “THANK YOU” and none deserves our ‘thank you’ more-so than the men and women who leave their homes and loved ones 24/7 to protect our homes and loved ones 24/7. Therefore on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, and the first Tuesday of December thereafter, Peace December International is humbly encouraging the public to show love and appreciation to all of our brave angels for keeping us, our loved ones and possessions safe 24/7. We can say ‘THANK YOU’ in many ways, such as handing flowers/roses, appreciation letters, handshakes, gifts of flowers, pictures taking, messages of appreciation through media, phone calls, etc…

Let your local law enforcement community know how much you appreciate their sacrifices. This would go a long way in cementing a healthier collaboration and greater mutually beneficial working relations.  #nationalpublicsafetyhonorday #peacedecember

Thank you!

Peace December International


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