Wed. Apr 17th, 2024


The Department of Small Business Development in collaboration with various stakeholders will host their two day Disability Engagement Session from Thursday, 27th of July to Friday, 28th of July in eThekwini Municipality, KwaZulu/Natal.

Members of the media are hereby invited for airing. According to the organizers, the primary focus of the engagement/workshop is to communicate services that entrepreneurs with disabilities can access, communicate challenges and constraints experienced in accessing these services and committing to solutions that can benefit entrepreneurs with disabilities.

The South Africa Department of Government Communication and Information disclosed that the second day will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs with disability to participate in a “Pitch Session” to talk about their enterprises as well as priority interventions needed to take them to the next level.

Following each pitch, as gathered from the press, government stakeholders will make a firm commitment on how they will respond practically to the needs of each entrepreneur.

It is the believe of the department that economic participation is the most powerful means of empowering people with disabilities. And in this regard, government seeks to promote inclusiveness and access for entrepreneurs with disabilities to government programmes and business incentives.

The Department of Small Business Development and its partners are determined to find effective ways of providing solid and sustainable support to entrepreneurs with disability. It is however hoped that the development won’t end as mere talks but followed by concrete actions for visible changes and transformations.










Correspondent: Ridwan A. Olayiwola


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