Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

It is reported that, “Thousands of South Sudanese civilians are fleeing to neighboring Ethiopia as Government troops advance on a rebel stronghold in the Upper Nile region.” Many stakeholders have expressed “grave concern about what is already the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.”

A Press release from the United Nations International Organization on Migration (IOM) “suggest that Government forces are now approaching the town of Maiwut, 25 kilometres north-west of Pagak.”

In a statement by David Sudan, Special Representative to the Secretary-General in South Sudan, he disclosed worriness over the current state of things in the state. “I’m gravely concerned by this ongoing situation,” he said while speaking to the Press.

He also added that “while it is unclear which side began the fighting, the military advance by the South Sudan forces “is not in the spirit of the unilateral ceasefire” declared by the Government in May.

Mr. Shearer in his address on the circumstance disclosed that “there has been active military engagement over the past week north of Pagak, and at least 25 aid workers have relocated in the area as a result of the insecurity.”

He therefore urged both sides involved “to reflect on President Salva Kiir’s Independence Day message of peace and withdraw from the facility.”









Correspondent: Ridwan A. Olayiwola


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