Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Nkosana Moyo, former Industry Minister and President Mugabe’s new rival concerning the presidential seat, says he (Moyo) would ‘fix’ Zimbabwe’s economic problems with in 5 years if elected president in the forth coming elections (2018), as reports say.

Moyo, who resigned from Mugabe’s government in 2001 after citing differences in policy formulation, recently confirmed the press that he would run for presidency during next year’s elections, as an independent candidate.

Reports show that, Moyo, the presidential seat aspirant vowed to “singlehandedly” overthrow President Robert Mugabe from power, and usher a new political and economic era in Zimbabwe.

Moyo says that he is offering himself to the people of Zimbabwe for a better Zimbabwe.

“You know already how some of the candidates have performed in the past. I am offering myself because I believe I am capable of turning the fortunes of this country (Zimbabwe) around,” Moyo was quoted saying.

Interacting with vendors in one of the markets during his campaigns, the vendors complained to him about the over shrinking business prospects, corruption and underdevelopment of infrastructure – said the local NewsDay newspaper.

Moyo is a trained phycist and former banker, who once worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He is also the founder of Mandela Institute for Development Studies in South Africa.

All of these happenings have however occured after President Mugabe  was flown out of the country to Singapore for medical attentions on Friday, following his deteriorating health.

Mugabe’s travel to Singapore also prompted accusations from the opposition parties that the President is ruling Zimbabwe on his hospital bed.







Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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