Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The importance of evacuating waste in the environment has become a crucial part of Ghana’s project. Recently, the Ghanaian government has revealed plans to build two waste management plants in all the ten regions of the country in order to improve sanitation. This project has received applauds from Ghanaians far and wide with the hope that the project will be executed soon.

Reports confirmed that the collection, management and disposal of solid waste is a major issue which continues to feature prominently in major towns and cities across the country although Ghanaians have been said to be careful and sensitive in waste disposal and management.

In confirmation, the Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Kofi Adda, said the government is committed to improving sanitation across the country through the project. He further said that Ghanaians will no doubt benefit from the initiative as it will help to reduce environmental pollution across the country.

In addition, he said that the treatment plants would provide a place where they could “convert the waste to and sort it out and decide what we are going to do with it. In the urban areas like Accra and Kumasi, there are many transfer stations where you can take the waste to, from where the bigger trucks can convey them to bigger waste treatment plants.”

Adda further explained that it is really important to secure a place where waste will be gathered and decisions whether to recycle or generate power to produce fertilizer will be made: “you need a place where you can heap all these waste so that those who need it to support their factories will then pick it up from there.”

Also, in line with power generation from waste, the Ministry of Energy has indicated government’s desire to ensure that Ghana develops legally and socially binding commitments to start the treatment of human excreta and other forms of waste by 2019, to boost the country’s energy needs. The government has promised to make Ghana a waste free country by 2019.

The successful constructon of the waste management plants is slated to wholly address Ghana’s sanitation and health problems, as well as create thousands of sustainable jobs, clean energy and improve healthy agriculture practice across the country.

The Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Kofi Adda, has confirmed that extensive plans are being executed to build the waste management plants across Ghana. However, the government commended Ghanaians on their careful approach to waste management and further urged them to continue the good act.


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