Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

While many go about celebrating Eid, yesterday, 25th of June, in a grand style, it was a different story for the people of Newscastle. Telegraph reports, according to information recieved from the Ambulance service that: “Six people have been taken to hospital after a car crashed in to pedestrians outside a sports centre in Newcastle,” around some minutes past Nine in the morning.

Like the London Mosque attack of last week that claimed a life, this incident occured very close to the Newcastle Central Mosque. However, no life is reportedly lost so far. As at the time of press, three young children and another three adults were victims of the collision. Reports, according to Telegraph News website, have confirmed that they are currently “being treated at the Royal Victoria Infirmary for injuries sustained in the collision.”

Police is not sure if the incident was another terror attack. However, Telegraph disclosed that arrest has been made of “a 42-year-old woman in connection with the incident.” On the situation of things, one of the Ambulance Service spokespersons narrated the ordeal to confirm the incident.

He said: “We received our first 999 call at 9.15 this morning to report a car that had mounted the kerb. And “We have taken six people to hospital, they have gone to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, three children and three adults.”

While reacting to the unfortunate occurrence, the management of Newcastle Central Mosque confirmed that the victims are currently under check at the hospital. The Mosque assure faithfuls that the police are up and making investigations.

According to a statement from the Mosque: “The injured were immediately attended to by the emergency medical services and the police.” And, while the police interrogates the 42-year-old woman in their custody, the mosque prays for speedy recovery on all affected victims.


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